Ana Himes was born in Burgos, a little city in Spain. After degreed in Advertising and Public Relations, she moved to Madrid to study a master on Corporated and Advertising Communication.
From the first year living in Madrid, Ana started to combined her job in Advertising and Communication sector with her hobbies: photography and illustration. Little by little, the clients knocked on her door was growing and including publications and companies from Australia, Canada, EE.UU., Germany, UK... and of course, Spain.

Additionally, Himes have participated in many different solo and group exhibitions around the world.

Ana describes her illustration work as a vivid, surreal and dynamic collages, which always include many metaphores.
And, about her photography work, she mixes analogue with digital shots, showing a clean and narrative pictures. She is specialised in interior, deco and housing photography, and also portraits and street photography.

In a parallely way, Ana Himes writes articles about culture, art and contemporary stuff since 2007.

She admits that she loves to live in a time of such openness and loves to be at the forefront of current cultural milestones, although what she likes even more is to be able to express it through photography, illustration or writing.