Ateneo is an art film and drama about the encounter of two female personalities in an oneiric place. The filmed objects and the set of light provide the appropriate atmosphere to represent the dark side of our nightmares; the themes of revenge and forgiveness are recreated in a sublime way, supported by the black and white cinematography and a surrealist aesthetic.

  • Starring: Virginia Morant & Rachel Merino
    ​Dancer: Rubén Bellés
    Producers: Jonathan Bellés & Beatriz Heredia
    Written by Jonathan Bellés & Rubén Bellés
    Directed by Jonathan Bellés
    Music by Carla Ortega, G. Ball & Dark Forest C.
    Production design: Jonathan Bellés
    Art director: Beatriz Heredia
    Costumer: Maite Perea Riquelme
    Choreography: Sheila Toledo Ribes
    Edited by Jonathan Bellés
    Director of photography: Jonathan Bellés

  • Produced by Producciones 451
    In support of Hàbitat Artístic Castelló Abroad and Ajuntament de Castelló de la plana (Spain).
    In collaboration with GlogauAIR - Artist in Residence Programme, Espai d'Art Contemporàni & Wild tulip GmbH (Berlin Germany).